26 01 2010

the most terrible thing about this is how i have been dying  to start a blog, and now i finally can, but instead of some deep, long, thoughtful, powerful bit of prose, i am instead kept to just a few lines of hurried text typed in the booth of the local chick-fil-a because i forgot to charge my laptop battery.

why not wait till i am in a more suitable situation, you  ask? a comfy chair and an A/C outlet,  coffee or tea in front  of me, laptop humming happily aware, feasting on electricity?

i guess its because i am just that desperate to actually say something, because who knows: there may not be a comfy chair in my near future.

write when you can, and as much as you can, because sometimes, just sometimes, you might type something worth-while.

this, i fear, is not my time.




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