29 01 2010

crashbangtearc r u n c h

and he almost dies

which would have been fine if this had been noteworthy

but it wasn’t, just

saint augustine

and so the bruises and the scrapes and

my favorite pair of pants, torn

all they got me was an extra hour before i have to go to work.

feasting on camera angles and bright lights and loud noises, pictures that flicker in colour, or not, the moving and the still, the memories and the schedules and the plots thicken, i think, and we live on these television nights and these movie-script days and we search for our lights and our crew and our paparazzi, we search and we look and we hope(hope) and pray(or do we, ?) and why are we surprised when we look around the corner and find a /shadow/ instead of a [stage crew]

and yes dear, and dear, dear, dear you and dear me, but all i get is a hurt knee, not a paycheck

where’s your applause sign now, kid?




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