31 01 2010

today was a day, when

[my] hands and my gloves didn’t fit each other, well,

and [my] f e e t missed some beats.  .    . .   .      .   .. ..   . .    .

[my] c u f f s and my buttons didn’t meet

[my] l  e      g             s             d i d    n ‘   t                quite           r  e a   c h     the

grou      nd

one of those days when sleeping in might have been a better choice. [mhm]

– ‘0oh well, he says, even after posting a reward for the cell phone he just lost,

(miss america is on, but he doesn’t really care.)his socks are still on (though), and that is a problem, because how are you supposed to sleep? with socksocksocksocksocksocksocksocksocksocksocksocks on your

f e e t

, which touch the ground, like the hourhand which is getting closer and closer to that time when i need to get up for work

and you laugh,


[laugh. .  .]


because you have to sleep first, kid, before you can get close to waking up.

and before he goes, he writes a note to remind himself:

[note to self, stretch tomorrow, legs need to touch something, at least]




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