2 02 2010

your hand dives in your pocket to clutch at the lint and only lint and that tin of gum but the whole while you are thinking hm there’s something missing there’s something i’m looking for in my pocket and you turn and twist and feel and all you come back with is the same thing in your hand to begin with, which was nothing and you search your bag next to the  old chair you are sitting on and nope no your bag doesn’t have it and so you get up to go to the drawer next to that fridge you got from the thrift store down the  street and you search the drawer front  to back and there are a lot of nice forks and a cool bottle opener but nothing you are looking  for and  so you step outside and why? you look and the sun is coming up and the  lawn has some dew on it but thats still not it and by this  point you begin to wonder if there was anything  to look for to begin with because you keep your eyes moving and your hands moving and your feet, well obviously your feet, and you cough once or twice because you still aren’t over that cold and you step d



n the three steps by your porch and focus kid focus what was it where is it do i need to go to the store or the shop or is it at the house you were at last night and you start scratching your head and check your pockets again for the forth time and so the question really starts to ring in your head you start forming it  with your lips what was it what was it and the wind whips across your face and screams in your ear that

T__ __ _ ____ _ m __e__ _ _ ___ _ar___ __ ______ly!”

and your hands drop to your sides and your eyes to the  ground and your feet stop and your heart beats and the two guys walking down the  sidewalk ignore you ignore them eyes ears sweat clothing air short breath clammy sweat sweat dripping sweat clinging sweat rolling down sweat stained sweat sting sweat

and you remember that

you can’t find it because you didn’t have  it to lose.




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2 02 2010

Is this about masturbation?

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